I am grateful for the opportunity to present this site. The messages that are being shared here are both the messages that are coming through me and that embody me. I believe with all my heart that every soul is potentially divine. We have an opportunity to be great in our divinity despite all seeming appearances and surrounding circumstances.

Our family and relationships, our jobs, our financial status, our physical and mental conditions are not who we are. They may overwhelm us, they may occupy our thoughts, trigger our emotions, and even debilitate our health; however, they are not who we are. On this site we will explore the massiveness of our true selves, and perhaps even extend to a point of blissful awareness of the truth of our existence. Through prayer, compassion, and love we will explore beyond the seemingly real, yet false realities of this world, and find, even for just a small glimpse of a second, that which is the ultimate of all there is within our selves, within nature, and within the universe. The divine in me honors the divine in you, Namaste.